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  • This pure and natural gel is made from the finest Aloe Vera leaves, harvested from the warm and sunny climates of Uganda. Our Aloe Vera Gel is cold-pressed and filtered to ensure the highest quality and potency. Aloe Vera Gel is a powerful and versatile product that can be used for a variety of health and wellness needs. It is known for its soothing and cooling properties, making it ideal for treating sunburns, minor cuts and scrapes, and other skin irritations. It can also be used as a natural moisturizer, helping to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Our Aloe Vera Gel is free of artificial colors, fragrances, and preservatives, and is never tested on animals.

    Aloe Vera Natural Gel

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  • Our Cucumber Gel is a refreshing and cooling gel that is perfect for soothing and calming skin. It is made with organic cucumber extract, aloe vera, and other natural ingredients that are known for their hydrating and nourishing properties. This gel is perfect for those with sensitive skin, as it is gentle and non-irritating. a must-have for anyone looking to keep their skin looking and feeling its best. With its natural ingredients and refreshing scent, it is sure to become a staple in your health and wellness routine.

    Cucumber Gel

    UShs 57,500
  • Our hemp tea is the perfect addition to your health and wellness routine. Our tea is made from the finest hemp leaves, carefully selected for their high quality and flavor. The tea is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, making it a great choice for those looking to improve their overall health. The tea is also caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it any time of day without worrying about the effects of caffeine. Enjoy the earthy, nutty flavor of our hemp tea and feel the benefits of its natural goodness. Try it today and experience the power of hemp!

    Hemp Tea

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  • A luxurious and nourishing skin care product that is perfect for health and wellness enthusiasts. Our Shea Butter is ethically sourced from Uganda, Africa, and is made from the nuts of the Karite tree. It is a rich, creamy butter that is full of vitamins and fatty acids that are essential for healthy skin. Shea Butter is known for its ability to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, while also providing a protective barrier against environmental damage. It is also a great source of antioxidants, which help to protect the skin from free radical damage. Our Shea Butter is perfect for those looking to nourish and protect their skin, while also promoting overall health and wellness.

    Shea Butter

    UShs 57,500
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    Our Turmeric Gel is the perfect addition to your health and wellness routine. This gel is made with natural ingredients and is packed with powerful antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation and improve overall health. The gel is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and nourished. It is also great for relieving joint pain and muscle soreness. With regular use, you can expect to see improved skin tone and texture, as well as a reduction in inflammation. Try our Turmeric Gel today and experience the benefits of this natural remedy!

    Turmeric Gel

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